Here are a selection of tidbits I've created which generally contain sprinkles of PHP, HTML, Javascript, and CSS.

Sudoku SuperstarStaff Pick

A Galaxy of Puzzles in your pocket.

Tech Notes

Generate and play countless Sudoku puzzles. Keep entertained for hours, or for short stints waiting in front of the microwave.

A polished Sudoku experience for the iPhone done purely in Webkit, complete with it's own 'true' puzzle generator (in 3 difficulty levels) so you'll never have to play the same puzzle twice. The game supports highscores, autosave and resume games, hints, and number/grid highlighting helpers.

I'll post a lengthier account of the technical behind-the-scenes soon. Meanwhile have fun playing!

Update 23/03/10: I've just been made aware that Sudoku Superstar has been selected as an Apple Staff Pick, awesome!


A sheet of paper, a 2B pencil and eraser. Fingerpainting kit for productive people (or not).

From jotting down measurements at IKEA, to quick tic tac toe duels over who's paying for lunch, 2B lets your iPhone double as an impromptu scribble pad whenever you’re in the mood for analog.

Utilizing HTML 5's Client-side storage, with this version you can store one scribble locally (automatically loaded when you start up the app). For more permanent storage you can always take a screenshot of your scribble (hold down home button then press the sleep/power button on your iPhone/iPod Touch) to add it to your camera roll.

Flip Clock

A sleek Flip Clock for your iPhone/iPod Touch. Supports 12 or 24-hour time.

In revisiting HTML 5 features on the iPhone, I decided to warm up with a small flip clock app. The app implements several of Webkit’s advancements in this area, from the application cache which allows it to run without an internet connection, to the smooth, hardware-accelerated CSS transformations.

Better yet, the iPhone OS ships with Helvetica on board so no images were required for the digits.